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Another series of cute dog tricks with Chico the poodle mix

Chico is back with his young friend and some new dog tricks, sixties style! Chico the poodle mix is always learning new tricks! To stay up to date with Chico’s latest videos, make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel! goedkope energie Read more

lab puppy does her new tricks

Lab Puppy Does Her New Tricks 10 week old lab puppy does her new tricks. She has been clicker trained for two weeks. Video Rating: 4 / 5 After spending thousands of dollars needlessly, this woman found a dog training system that works! It is important to see the various dog training methods and systems […] Read more

Dog Tricks Turn the lights on and off

Splash and Kiko were trained to turn the light switches on and off using Free Shaping. In this video I wanted to show that you can use Luring to achieve complex behaviors in a rapid amount of time. Tug already has the skills of fading a lure and adding a verbal cue under his belt. […] Read more

Dog tricks: Sword Fighting

This is a trick for ADULTS to teach to dogs. In fact children should never teach dogs tricks alone, and should be supervised at all times around dogs. Remember! ALWAYS use a TOY or soft object for this trick! The idea is to have fun with your dog in a SAFE environment. NEVER swing an […] Read more

Safety Stay- clicker dog training tricks

Visit our website: dogmantics.com Buy our new ebook: dogmantics.com Become a fan on facebook: www.facebook.com SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! We appreciate it: www.youtube.com Safety Stay- clicker dog training tricks This video is about how to teach your dog to stay when running towards you or away from you. Some believe that Read more

Dog Training / Easy Dog Tricks: High Five

Watch more How to Train Your Dog videos: www.howcast.com Subscribe to Howcast’s YouTube Channel – howc.st Learn how to teach your dog the easy dog trick high five in this dog training video from Howcast. Expert: Andrea Arden Dog Training Howcast uploads the highest quality how-to videos daily! Be sure to check out our playlists Read more

Dog clicker training video.

Dog clicker training video In this dog clicker training video¬†from www.dogmantics.com we cover how to teach your dog to fetch anything! Fetching is a fun game for all breeds of any size or age.   Fetch training is training a dog to fetch or pick up, on command, a dummy, bird, or if it’s my […] Read more

Nana the World’s Smartest Dog Performs Amazing Dog Tricks

Meet the world’s smartest Border Collie: my best friend, Nana! From footstalls, to walking front paw handstands, to running backwards, Nana does it all. All of Nana’s training is done exclusively with the use of positive reinforcement and clicker training. Nana chooses to do all the behaviours… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Read more