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How to train your dog, teaching stay, using your walk constructively, Positive training

www.facebook.com This is the final video on how to use your walk constructively to teach basic obedience. In this video we add on the “Stay” command. The walk is a perfect opportunity for you to train your dog, no matter how busy you are, you can follow these simple steps. After all, everyone walks their […] Read more

Teach STAY the Best and Fastest way!

The best way to teach stay. This way of training the stay incorporates many wonderful concepts into the training process: 1-By click as distractions happen you are using classical conditioning to change your dog’s emotional response to being calm and relaxed around those distractions. Lowering a dogs stress levels when asked to stay, which Read more

Safety Stay- clicker dog training tricks

Visit our website: dogmantics.com Buy our new ebook: dogmantics.com Become a fan on facebook: www.facebook.com SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! We appreciate it: www.youtube.com Safety Stay- clicker dog training tricks This video is about how to teach your dog to stay when running towards you or away from you. Some believe that Read more