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Clickety Dog at Pet School Reviews

Clickety Dog at Pet School The only dog training game that accurately simulates real-life scenarios and dog behaviour Real-life intelligence and obedience develop as you train the dog in the game Players can use a real-life clicker to interact with the game – practice makes perfect! Player feedback features help further refine your Read more

Theo BAT Session at LR Green Elementary School

Theo and I were early to meet a friend and her dog for a hike so we took a small walk around. This was Theo’s first time going somewhere more than 5 miles from our house since we pulled him from the shelter. He was a little nervous around some sort of sculpture so we […] Read more
Make A Good Dog An Exceptional One.

Make A Good Dog An Exceptional One.

Good Dog Training Good dog training can be overwhelming. But, if you apply the tips in this piece, you can learn to build a strong relationship with your dog and get a better understanding of his needs. If you use a leash to train your dog, keep it loose. When dogs are going for a […] Read more

Wonderdogs.bc.ca at Bayview Elementary School

Ben’s “praise-play training method” is a system of dog training that really works! His program has made news on radio, TV, and newsprint across North America. Why? Because it’s fun for dogs and their owners and produces incredibly fast results. Ben has produced many dog training products over the years. These training DVDs Read more