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Teaching Your Dog To Listen: Advice On Creating A Successful Dog Training Program

  Training your dog can seem frustrating at times, especially if you are just starting out with a new animal. However, by using the advice found here you will discover how to improve your relationship with your pet and build a stronger understanding of your animal’s needs as well as yours. Be flexible with your […] Read more

Having A Dog That Will Listen To You Is Important

Engaging in proper dog training can result in a happy, peaceful home for you as well as the dog. Try a few of these tips. Keep reading for advice on training your dog. Train your dog to stop barking with a treat. When your dog barks, show them a treat and repeat the order, for […] Read more

Having A Dog That Will Listen To You Is Important

  When walking your dog, it is important that your dog follows your lead and doesn’t drag you down the sidewalk. This article contains the critical knowledge you need for training your dog. To keep dogs from digging in your trash, make sure they’re fed enough and have plenty of items to play with. Never […] Read more

Dog Training: How To Teach Your Dog to Listen (leave it alone)

Another lesson on understanding your dog. An introduction to clicker training: www.youtube.com Understanding your dog: www.youtube.com Read more