Learning the Sit command!

Training starts with the Sit command!

Never let your puppy know that they are being trained!  Training should be fun for you and your puppy.

Training should start as soon as you bring your new puppy home. It starts with the SIT command.

When you first feed your puppy, use it as an opportunity to teach the Sit command, and reinforce this command each and every day.

Bring the bowl down to the ground so your puppy can see the food, as she approaches; raise the bowl back up above her head. This will cause her to lift her head to follow the food, and as her head lifts, her ass will naturally lower.  As this happens, use the verbal SIT command, praise her, by telling her she is a good dog, stroke her back, and place the food bowl in front of her.

Sit Command

Your new puppy is learning to SIT, it’s a pleasant experience for her; she gets fed, and praise; and it’s a pleasant experience for you; your new puppy responds to the training she doesn’t know she’s getting.

Sit Command DVD

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Continue this “training” at every meal for a week, and then you’re ready to try the SIT command away from a meal.  Have a treat in your hand, it should be a treat she is used to, let her see the treat and smell it. Give the verbal SIT command and raise your right hand to signal this command too. Praise her as usual when she sits, and quickly give her the treat.  Wait an hour, call her over again, raise your right hand, and give the SIT command.  This time don’t give a treat, but praise her, and give her a bit extra attention. The goal at this stage is to only give a treat every third time, and gradually replace the treat or food with just praise.

Once you are happy with the progress, you can try giving only the verbal SIT command, or only the physical hand raise command.  The idea being that a dog should be able to respond to multiple signals for the same command.


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