Dog Training: How To Teach Your Dog to Listen (leave it alone)

Another lesson on understanding your dog. An introduction to clicker training: Understanding your dog:

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  1. thumbs up if u think that dog will murder anouther dog

  2. Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

  3. yeah but my dog she when i look in the eye she jumps on my head

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  5. I am going to try this with my 6 month Boxer Lab mix.
    Thanks so much! I will post again if it’s successful!

  6. i did not knew that if you see a dog in hes eyes they thing that we are goin to chalenlle them

  7. Hey guys, you need to check out this video of a dog humping a monkey! It is hilarious as my dog has been trained to do this! Just type in “tiny perverted dog” in youtube and look for “How to Train Your Dog – Tiny perverted dog makes raw sex with a monkey. BANNED PERVERTED VIDEO!!!!”

  8. awesome video!

  9. Excellent, love this video. Our 6 month old Rottweiller Charley Bear was his puppy foundation assessment on wed eve, and only passes onto the Bronze Award good Citizen if he can sit, stay
    walk nicely etc, and also leaving a food treat. He can do the others but not yet “Leave It”, so we have a few days to practice now I have seen this. Thanks again, will try it, Dawn

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  11. peeps check out my dog training video

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  13. To do that I just bark or growl at my dog (fren’s dog actually) to leave, follow or obey. I could do that to any dog that is CONTROLLABLE

  14. The introduction to clicker training video says it is private 🙁

  15. havent thought about that thanks.

  16. Your teaching tactics are so wonderful Thank you for posting your videos they are simply wonderful!!!

  17. Hello Mr.Zak. I wanted to ask you if you remember the age of your dog in this video. I have a 3 months old pitbull and has exactly the same body as your pitbull in this video but everyone thats sees him says to me that he is to small to be 3 months old. Thank you.

  18. holy crap he is sweating alot eh ?

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