Walking on a lead: Dog Training Made Easy

Walking on a lead.

Walking on a lead is an important skill to teach your dog if you want them to be well behaved in public places.

Dog Training Made Easy: Walking on the lead - Part 10/25

Teach your dog to walk on a lead.Part 10/25. Dog Training Made Easy is a series of quick videos to teach your dog basic training and commands. Carolyn Menteith, host of the 25 videos, guides dog owners through important topics such as handling your dog, biting, sitting, barking, digging, eating poo, commands such as sit, stay, and retrieve, and so much more. These videos are around 2-5 minutes each and can be watched in order or individually. As a whole, the series aims to help you ensure your dog is socialable, well trained, and a happier dog. For more information about Dogs Trust, please visit www.dogstrust.org.uk
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9 Responses to “Walking on a lead: Dog Training Made Easy”

  1. The background music is Django Reinhardt? Gypsy jazz…

  2. beagles are quite loud arn’t they

  3. pls help me chloe walks well on leash but just a little bit ahead of me. i try now when she get ahead of me i stop. she stops i start walking. am i doping it ok? any other ideas 4 me? also im stroke survivor weak on my left side so teaching her to walk on my right side is that ok? i no its diff then most but i have no use in my left hand thx karen

  4. yh, the best thing is to not give up and keep trying, give her treats or a peice of food she likes to make her feel as if its better with you, might stop her whining too 😉 xx

  5. When I stop she comes back to my side but she’s still very annoyed and whinning. The funny thing is what she’s doing, works well with my dog in the house. I won’t give up though.

  6. Cheese works well with my dog and a few other dogs i know, and whenever my dog starts to pull i just stop walking, he soon realises why and stops pulling, then reward him with cheese :) hope this helps 🙂

  7. What is the name of that acoustic guitar music in the back ground…love it!


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