Tug learns obedience retrieve from Brigitte van Gestel!!!- clicker dog training

I hosted the amazing Brigitte van Gestel here in Sweden to do an Obedience seminar. She trains high level obedience, freestyle and HTM using only positive reinforcement. She also does treibball and trains service dogs for the blind and autistic children. She is one of my favorite trainers and it was an honor to have her here and have her play with my dogs! Check out her website: www.caninefreestyle.nl obedience dog training clicker training tips touch obedience retrieve fetch targeting clicker training
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  1. Oh Tuggy you are soooo gorgeous.

  2. Hey Emily, I’ve been working on retrieving with my dog. She can pick up a toy that I put on the ground or that I throw for her, but as soon as I ask her to do something else with the toy in her mouth she drops it. How can I teach her to keep the toy in her mouth?

  3. I love how Tug was growling. I taught my husky mix to grumble and now he and my Jack Russell (who has to tell you how she feels about EVERYTHING) love to growl when working. I was laughing because of him. 🙂

  4. Hey Emily, I was wondering how you get the dog to bring the object to you after they pick it up. I’m trying to work on “take it”, using her toys, and every time she picks something up the first thing she does is walk away from me, usually towards her bed. She’ll turn around and come back towards me if I call her, but she drops the toy en route. I was clicking her the instant she picked it up, but if she already has it in her mouth she ignores the click and walks away with the toy.

  5. I get that too, in Google Chrome.

  6. Tug did awesome and I love that woman’s patience. I honestly need a little more of that, no lie, but tug did amazing. But I also think it helps that tug is used to shaping and operant conditioning.

  7. Oh I see. 🙂 Usually when people do it with a border collie, you might get “I’d like to see you do that with a chihuahua”. 🙂 Try getting a clicker that is not so loud or muffle it- some dogs can hate the sound as some clickers are extremely loud. Obviously bigger dogs need to move slower too! You can also try working for tugging?

  8. Amazing! Tug is so cute

  9. Started two dogs on this today although I do teach by clicking the dog for aiming nearer the owners hand, the touch helped. Cold and tired now easterly wind brrrrrrr.

  10. I didn’t mean anything bad by it… but if I saw my Kuvasz get that excited about something, I’d fall over and die with a heart attack. I’ve been working with her for about two weeks, and as long as I have food in my hand, she’ll (reluctantly) sit and (sorta) stay. I’m still trying to overcome her hatred of the clicker, too. She leaves when I try to use it, food or no food.
    It takes a while for the Kuvs to decide they want to do it. LOL

  11. yes 🙂  The idea is to teach Tug the final part of the chain- sitting with the dumbell held up waiting for Brigitte to take it. Some people train the dog to do this in the heel position. Then when Tug is a master at that you can add in the other steps- waiting looking running out picking it up nicely bringing it back

  12. It’s really fun using clicker training. I really enjoyed the seminar. I proofed the hold and retrieve with Splash for frisbee (no chewing hold no matter what), so it was fun immediately getting an awesome retrieve with the dumbell.

  13. weird. It doesnt do that for me. Maybe google her name, I think she might have multiple sites.

  14. What do you mean? clicker training? targeting? sitting? or obedience?

  15. I’d like to see her do this with a Kuvasz. LOL!!

  16. So smart. <3

  17. When I clicked the link to her site google poped up a tab saying ‘malware detected.’ I don’t know if she is aware of this so I thought I’d let you know…

  18. The touch is a very good idea, I trained for competition obedience and taught it in the UK for years and some of the methods used for getting a dog to hold a dumbbell were horrific.
    I tend to stay away from this ‘rigid’ stuff now, I find other things more interesting for the dog. Back then people only did the obedience, and I think it was too repetative.now it is much better with other doggy sports that can be taught as well.

  19. Awesome! I miss Tug! He looks great! 🙂

  20. Yey good boy Tug! Hes so smart and seems to really enjoy learning. He’ll be giving those gun dogs a run for their money soon if he keeps this up!

  21. I guess this practice on the vid is to make picking up the object fun and teach holding it in the mouth. I combined ‘fetch, it’s only weird shaped ball’ kind of training and practiced technique with chaining backwards having Alva to sit in front of me and clicked&rewarded for taking the object in my hand and holding it and later she had to pick it up from the floor. Sometimes it looked like this but with tighter sit position.

  22. Rules in obedience trials vary in different countries but at least here (Finland) it is performed this way: the dog sits in the heel position next to the handler who throws the retrieved object. Then s/he gives the command, the dog rushes to the object, picks it up and runs straight back to the handler and sits down either in front of him/her or next to him/her. The handler takes the object and commands the dog into heel position if it isn’t there already. Training is not finished on this vid.

  23. @wmlgts Oops – and so cute!

  24. Tugg is such a smarty am

  25. Oh yes. I do appreciate her posting this. I was just trying to understand it better. I’ve used Emily’s tutorials many times and they always work so well with my dog.

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