Training Personal Protection Dogs To Protect Themselves!

Personal protection dog training. Blog post here: Follow us on our dog training facebook page: (Information, Products, Videos, Expert Advice and more…) Geoffrey English, of, shows us on Benelli’s American Bird Hunter how to extend your dogs marking ability for those long retreives.
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17 Responses to “Training Personal Protection Dogs To Protect Themselves!”

  1. what if the owner and a guy is arguing loudly and very aggressive shouting and swinging arms and stuff, no violence, will the dog attack ? Just wondering.

  2. I dont understand protection dogs these days… Its 2013 and people have very high powered and fast Guns these days! Go adopt a dog out of a high kill shelter and do a good deed.

  3. To the people claiming to teach a dog to catch a bullet, here’s to you. Try hitting a speeding target with very minimal error. If the dog does get hit, he/she did their job to protect their owner and the person will get caught. 🙂

  4. Teach them how to catch a bullet

  5. It still surprise me, just how some people don’t know about Xobodog Training (search on google), although many people solve their dog behavior problems because of this training program. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Xobodog Training, I have turn my dog into the perfect canine pal.

  6. This is nothing compared to my protection trained kangaroo

  7. thee is honestly nothing safe about these dogs. the rotties owner couldnt get the rottie to detarch at first. If it was an innocent man the rot attacked the owner wasnt educated enough to get him off. nothing wrong with protection dogs if you teach them self control. gosh.

  8. how do they get them to start biting the target in the first place?

  9. CreepyMcSteezerson Reply January 17, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    …..two other questions: If a dog has not been professionally trained, but has shown that (s)he will protect (from intruders coming into the home), can (s)he still be trained to protect her/himself? Or is it recommended that they go through professional personal protection training first? Also, more specifically, what makes a dog eligible for this type of training?

  10. CreepyMcSteezerson Reply January 17, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    I heard that Pit Bull type dogs should not be trained for personal protection. Do you know if this is true? I know specifically, Rotties, German Shepherds, and Dobies have been bred for and over the years trained for protection. I also know that without protection training, most ifnot all bull breed will, on their own, protect. Another question – actually two other questions (next post, not enough room here)….

  11. That Rotty is no joke

  12. The Rottweiler is further in his training

  13. do you have any training centres in Australia or any plans on establishing any?

  14. really?? if a have a gun in my hand what the dog can do?

  15. very good


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