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Visit our web site -www.rewardedbehaviorcontinues.com for more information on positive reinforcement dog training. Like us on Facebook for training tips, articles and video clips. www.facebook.com Rounder, a Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue, learns how to put his toys away. I don’t usually do “how to” videos, but I’ve had a few requests for this one, so here it is . You can see Rounder’s enthusiasm for clicker games. He makes me smile. 🙂 If your dog already knows how to retrieve toys, I recommend back chaining this. Start with releasing the toy to your hand. Then, put the basket under your hand. Slowly fade your hand and then slowly move the basket away. If your dog doesn’t know this, give it a try and post a video response. I hope your dog has as much fun learning this as Rounder did. 🙂
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  2. Hi. Thank you for watching our video. Too much for 500 characters.  I’ll send you a message. 🙂

  3. What confuses me is how you introduce a new command. My dog and I have been working up to this trick, and at this point she’s gotten pretty good at getting one of her toys when I ask her to, and bringing it to me. Sh’e pretty good about dropping it into my hand, too. I want to teach her words for a couple of her other toys, and then we’ll move on to dropping them into the basket. But I don’t understand how transition from the command “drop it” to “put it away”.

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  6. Lol at 1:26 he’s like “but I like this one :(“

  7. I wet myself when he climbed into the basket!!! LOL!!

  8. @rogersmmr thank you so so much for your replied. Seb indeed a smart dog. I finally got him to place his toy back to my hand and also to the basket. It took me 2 days to trained him these two commands. I’ve learned I shouldn’t train a dog when I’ve a frustration mood. For the 1st two days, I was so frustrated and impatience, think he senses it and have stopped trying…I stopped a few days, then “bang”, he got it. I am so glad he now could place all his toys to his basket before he has his meal.

  9. Seb sounds like a great dog & you are off to a good start. That’s a hard one to explain in 400 characters. 😉 You might try teaching Seb to hand target (touch his nose to the palm of your hand) first without a toy.Practice that a lot until Seb is very good at it. Then, when he’s approaching you with the toy, cue the hand target.Lots of different things to try, difficult to explain here.If dropping the toy a few feet away works, he’ll keep doing it.Sue Ailsby’s website has good info on retrieve.

  10. Also seb knows drop and leave commands! Just he doesn’t drop the toy on my hand! I’ve tried to teach him hold a toy! Failed, co’z he doesn’t like to hold it, he does but then very quickly he will drop the toy and expected for teat! *sigh*……Seb knows lotsa commands, even he knows – ring the bell to go toilet/please open the door! Please help!

  11. Could you please help me? My golden retriever knows how to fetch the toy back to me but he just never drop the toy on my hand, instead, he always drop the toy “a few cms” away from me then expected to have treat!! How should I make him drop the toy on my hand? thank you. 🙂

  12. Congratulations!! And, at only 10 months old. You are off to a great start. Click for you. Well done!

  13. Hey there! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this video! I have a 10 month old border collie cross who is incredibly smart! He’s clicker trained as well and I taught him (with the help of your instruction!) to put his toys away in one session! (with the basket right there). I’m adding more toys every days (he has a lot!). Thanks again for your video!

  14. wach on my channle theres a dog puting stuff in the bin like (no need to sub, i want you to like because its for a comptision)

  15. Great video. I have only started to teach our 9 month old mini schnauzer to do tricks. So far she will sit, and lie down. Right now we are working on having her put a toy in the bucket. It’s taking a bit for her to learn but she will get it. Toys lying around is part of having dogs, so it doesn’t bother us.

  16. I am teaching this to my dog too and she is doing very well:) i feel like when i tell her to clean up though she is bringing the toy to me and not the basket. i give her a treat when she is putting it in the basket but she is not relizing she is putting it in the basket. I try to show her she is but she is not catching on. How can i better train her to put it in the basket and know she is putting it in the basket?

  17. Thank you for watching our video. That is a great example of how well a dog can discriminate. 🙂 You can start again teaching it with another toy. It should go faster with the second toy. Then, reintroduce the first toy (so there are 2 toys out). After she picks up the first one, cue her to pick up the second. Repeat the process with more toys. Sometimes still CT after putting away 1 toy, so it’s not always getting harder. With practice you can increase the number of toys for one CT.

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