Safety Stay- clicker dog training tricks

Visit our website: Buy our new ebook: Become a fan on facebook: SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! We appreciate it: Safety Stay- clicker dog training tricks This video is about how to teach your dog to stay when running towards you or away from you. Some believe that teaching a stay will save your dogs life, when in reality this safety stay- where the dog can suddenly stop and sit down or stand in place, might save your dogs life in an emergency situation. “Dog Training” “Clicker Training” “DOg Tricks” “How to teach your dog to stay” “Obedience”
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  4. I live in Maine and here they have to be 7 weeks old. I bought an Olde English Bulldogge and he is coming home when he is 7 and a half weeks old on July 27th. Im sooo happy that I found your videos! This will be the first dog Ive had since moving out of my parents house.. I was a little nervous, worried I wouldnt be a good enough trainer but now Im full of confidence after watching so many of your videos. Now I know I will have an amazing companion for my daughter and I. =)

  5. lol, didn’t even notice the proofing of the other dog until you pointed it out at the end. Impressive!

  6. Is this trained as a separate behaviour from down/stay (even at a distance)? What I mean is, at some points you are not using a release word (okay, free, etc) but I have watched another video where you use down and stay to mean the same thing. If I teach my dog that down=stay until released, and then to come straight to me, how would I train this behaviour?

  7. Thanks so much for your feedback!
    By back-clipping harness, you mean like a step-in harness, right?
    I don’t think I’ve ever come across a back-clipping one.

  8. I find a back clipping harness with thin strips keeps her coat the nicest, the thick striped harnesses make her have a “bad hair day” so to speak

  9. @SuperSpiritDove I totally agree. However you could still use it in your back yard if say, two dogs were going after the same ball, the neighbors cat, or for example if you catch an aggressive dog and your dog comes running towards you, you could get your dog to sit away from you, instead of getting close. The idea is it is for safety, not to encourage you to have the dog off leash in a potentially dangerous area.

  10. You are so right. We had no choice but to take our puppy at 6 weeks, as there were no siblings left and he was living unstimulated in a trailer. He is a very needy dog who can’t get enough petting and reassuring. We did okay at desensitizing him to noises, but he still wants everyone to pet him, and not all people want a big dog jumping up, grabbing their sleeves and demanding attention!

  11. Your dog is not too young. I got my puppy (of course im in SC and its legal) at 7 weeks (but she was only 1 day from 8 weeks lol) but no she is not too young to start training.

  12. Happy Holidays, Emily! Have a safe trip to Sweden, and thanks for continuing to make videos.
    What harnesses do you use for your dogs (Splash is particular)? My dog has very thick, long fur and normal harnesses cause her fur to bunch up and they make my dog uncomfortable.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks you!

  13. Ugh, isn’t that the truth. My dog was 5 weeks old when we got her (our fault…we thought since she was on solid food that she would be fine) and she continues to have reactivity issues with dogs and people. If I had a time machine…

  14. Wow, I hope your move goes well! Please do continue the tutorials. I will be glad to support your amazing work.

  15. I really like this method, but have run into a problem. I don’t know if it’s because my dog sees this more as a game or what, but instead of eventually sitting in anticipation of where the treat’s going to be thrown, he just keeps coming up to me and sits, then races after the treat. How do I fix the yo-yo effect?

  16. Just what i need! Great tutorial. I’ll def. try it out!! Thanx, Emily, I really like your method, it works great with my girls, Keiko and Suki. 

  17. Safe travels to you and your canine corps on your move. So glad to hear you will continue to post videos. I made a donation to support your work. My dog and I have really benefited from your training vids.

  18. i watched all your vids! please make a vid on “how to speak” thanks btw! 🙂

  19. This is an awesome tutorial Em


  21. i got my puppy at 7 1/2 weeks old (they were deemed ready to go to their homes at 7weeks). My Lab has no behavioural problems what so ever (61/2 yrs old) and very healthy, but our last dog who we adopted from a Humane Society years and years ago, gave my family a puppy at 5weeks and she was very aggressive and unpredictable. I think it’s ok to get a puppy at 7weeks and i would agree no younger. As long as it’s socializing properly and you’re teaching it the right behaviours.

  22. OH AWESOME! Hope you have a great time! Why move here?
    I would love to see you! Will you have training lessons or seminarie? Where in Sweden are you moving?

  23. Hi Emily! Welcome to Scandinavia! I bet the cold weather will be a big change for you and your dogs! I have a russian border collie x rescue, and she absolutely loves snow. Unfortunately, sitting in the snow gave her an UTI, so be careful not to let your dogs sit in the snow too long.
    If you’re ever coming to Finland please do tell, me and Ronja would love to meet you personally!

    Thanks for the video, me and Ronja will be doing some training, once she gets over the excitement of snow 😛

  24. Hope you all will have it wonderfull in Sweden! Welcome here 😀

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