How to train more than one dog- clicker dog training

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  1. I have a similar problem we just got a second dog and when i trying to train him, the dog we had first thinks the click is also for her.

  2. Heh this vid answered myearlier comment on one of your other videos, lol. Not sure how easy or hard this will be for my older dogs!

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  4. Splash is the chillest dog around. Just kickin’ back and looking pretty, getting treats. She knows what’s up.

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  6. What if the dog that is waiting and watching is trying to do the behaviors I’m teaching to the working dog?? He keeps thinking that when i click the working subject, the click is also for him and sometimes the click captures him doing the same behavior I’m asking of the working dog. Then when he doesn’t get a treat because he did the behavior he gets frustrated and jumps off his bed…Help??

  7. Omgosh you’re so awesome!!! Thanks so much for all your amazing videos!! They are so informative and great!

  8. Wow you’re amazing with your dogs.

  9. Your dogs are gorgeous. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do.

  10. what songs do you use for canine freestyle? 🙂

  11. I really appreciate your videos, Emily. Thank you so much for this! I’ll make donations when I can!

  12. Emily who is the manufacturer of your bait bag? It looks like it will stay super wide open which is what I need. You’re my hero!

  13. This is great Emily! How long should you practice this training until you can teach another dog new tricks whilst the others are being calm? I’m trying to train my neighbours dog that comes over to play time but doesn’t know any basic obedience.

  14. That was so FUN!!! I’ve been having trouble lately with both dogs getting excited while the other is working since their overall interest in training has increased. It was great to take a step back from training a trick, and instead focus on this. You are absolutely right, I swung my arm fast, and that was too much for Q, off the couch he came. But five minutes later, he was able to go as far as me rocking in a chair, and knocking at the door. Good good happy training ; }

  15. Sigh, you make it look so easy, but you have good info. I’ve been working on similar techniques with my two, but haven’t been using a target mat for the dog sitting things out. Think I will start adding that. Now that I see your training, I can see how in the beginning it helps to have the waiting dog doing a behavior that is tied to location rather than just a random sit or down stay.

    Do you tell the dogs to stay?

  16. Another amazing job!

  17. lol in the end “whos a beautiful girl’ lol

  18. Why aren’t you rehabilitating her aggression? Just because a dog is aggressive doesn’t mean they can’t be rehabilitated. Isn’t that what you do? lol

  19. Very gud technique thxs 4 sharing

  20. As the dog is taking it, can you either say “nice” or “Gentle” so the dog has a word to this comand?

  21. I have a dog that is several years old and has always bit my fingers when giving treats.  Just tried these techniques and I’m excited to say that they actually worked. Hopefully with time and command association he will become more gentle.

  22. This is a great channel. I just adopted to puppies a little while ago and I’m trying so hard to train them because their previous owners had a bunch of dogs that they just let run around all crazy.

  23. you are the best dude u helped me a lot

  24. I have this problem long ago, thanks for your detail guide. Have i have a question? My miniatures schnauzer (3 months)is too active on meal time almost lost control.

  25. Gorgeous dog. I have a 9 week old lab pup and have been enjoying your videos. It’s nice to know I’m doing things right so far.

  26. Pushing it into their face lols

  27. my dog exspects treats too much ill ask him to sit then hell try to bite my hand thinking i have a treat for him then i have to show him with both hands that theres nothing there :/ … then he looks upset :(….

  28. Ideas for next videos:
    1- firsts steps to prepare a guard dog.
    2- How to send a dog to a especific place(house, away from you, off the kitchen, etc)

  29. 2point0productionz Reply January 16, 2013 at 11:33 pm

    i have a question. im having a problem with my dog he’s becoming quite disobidient as in we never had a fence in our back yard and he always stayed on our property even if there was a dog or a human walking by, and when he was a puppy he never chewed anything and so on. but now i find as he’s getting older he’s doesnt listen to our commands that much anymore and he also is starting to go off property and stuff and he doesnt like being cuddled that much anymore. is it because he’s getting older?

  30. she looks GSheppard/Pit bull; anyways, thanks for another cool vid, good job guys

  31. Hi Mike, I have an idea for your next video; how to deal with loud noises?? Just an idea!

  32. I never really thought about that before. My dogs usually just open their mouths and I place the treat inside, none of them ever raked across the fingers like my friends dogs and I wondered why. Mike, I’ve enjoyed your videos for 1.5 years now. Hands down, you are my favorite dog behaviorist and trainer.

  33. … There’s a lid for every pot. We are still searching for her lid. We know they are out there.

  34. No,not a joke – but she is still awesome!She comes with free lifetime training support. She may not be perfect, but will make someone an awesome companion. She was in a home for six years before she became inconvenience – was good with the family and their child. She has meds for incontinence . Not therepy dog material – but will offer good security to a home that doesn’t have many visitors. She will warm up to new people/outsiders that are going to be a normal part of her life.

  35. Very helpful. Charlotte is absolutely gorgeous.

  36. aaah index finger! Housebreaking is a little complex to do the right way in one video – since many factors. But, I am working on a series of videos for this. Remember to subscribe so you don’t miss it when does come out. In meantime definitely invest in a crate to break the overnight habit and find a schedule that works – even if you have to set an alarm clock to get her out. Set her up for success and slowly add time to the schedule. Leave her out only supervised. Good luck!

  37. ‘Index finger’ was what i think you were looking to say lol, anyway… a few house training tips would make a great video, my gsd is 14 weeks and during the day ive just about cracked it (a few mistakes here and there) but over night it seems to be every night she goes in the kitchen (where she sleeps).

  38. Was that a joke about the incontinence and aggressive part? I laughed but I don’t think it was a joke… Oh that’s the dog I want, an aggressive, incontinent dog! LOL

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