Dog training with a clicker.

Dog training with a clicker.

In this video you will learn the basic concepts on how to master dog training with a clicker. Train your dog to fit perfectly into your particular life style. Please refer to my other videos for help regarding specific training situations. You can find the videos organized more clearly on my website:

Remember you are training your dog 100% of the time not just when you’re dog training with a clicker! Every

Dog training with a clicker

Dog training with a clicker

interaction you have with your dog is training them something. So you have to be conscious of this fact every time you interact with your dog. Like the video on how to interrupt your dog and stop undesirable behavior by dog training with a clicker.

What is clicker training? Dog training with a clicker is a way of training animals in desirable behavior, which is marked with a sound maker and then reinforced, making the behavior more likely to happen in the future. Who can accomplish dog training with a clicker? People of all ages! What animals can be clicker trained? All animals, young or old. All species and breeds, small or large. Dog training with a clicker creates strong reliable behaviors, and is a great way of modifying behavior- solving shyness, re activity and aggression. It is also a ethical way to bond with your companion animal as you train the animal to want to do what you want them to do, rather than physically or psychologically intimidating the animal to do what you want.



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  2. Thank you for videos because of them I have been able to train my puppy. We got our puppy in January and I’m happy to say she is an amazing friend. I work with her daily and she has learned a lot. Her name is Baeya and we love her very much. If you ever have the chance to check our videos you will see what you have helped me to create an amazing bond between my Dog and I. Much appreciation Thanks again keep up the good work.

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  4. It still surprise me, just how many people don’t know about Xobodog Training (do a search on google), despite the fact that many people solve their dog behavior problems because of this training program. Thanks to my cooworker who told me about Xobodog Training, I’ve have a better relationship with my beloved pet.

  5. Hi

    I realy like your videos.

    I try to do this with my dog. (he is a maltese mixed with a yorkie)

    So he is really hyper!!

    Do you have any suggestions to calm him down.

    I tried your way of loose leash walking and he walks well during the training session otherwise on walks he just pulls like crazy. I wonder if I am doing something wrong.

    what should I do/???

  6. sometimes my dog takes my glasses and tries to wear them and attempts to do office work please help i need my dog to know he is not an office man PLEASE HELP!

  7. I had to put my 14 yr old black lab down a month ago. Sad sad day. My family surprised me with a new black lab puppy from a rescue and now I have to re-learn training behaviors all over because my first lab was so awesome I hardly had to work at anything with her. Your videos are helping me along. I never used to clicker train but I’m learning myself now with your assistance. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for all your videos!!!!!

  8. People-if, like me, you have been watching these videos and devouring all this information you should donate something. Even if it’s only a small amount. I’ve learnt SO much from her, and am so grateful. Thanks.

  9. @Hpfan75 I have a schnauzer and trained him not to do the behaviors I didn’t like,like pulling on leash,using the bathroom in the house and barking with positive reinforcement.

  10. nyc….kepp it up

  11. Hey! I’m 14 years old and I was thinking about getting a dog and training it with your methods. but I don’t know what age I should get the dog at to train it. Does it matter what age the owner has to be to train it? Plus could you train a dog without a clicker?

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    please check it out and leave a comment

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  14. hi is it better to have a training session in the morning or any other time?thanks

  15. Hello. I am from the Philippines and I want to say that your tutorials are great and very informative.
    I just want to ask your help on where should I start and what aspect should I train my dog first (aside from the obvious familiarizing him with the clicker). I’m a bit confused and don’t know where to start. Thank you.

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  17. Hope you don’t mind me butting in here. When you want to fade out the clicker, a behaviour should be consistently on cue (either hand or verbal cue). If it is and you don’t need to have any food lures in your hand at all, you can start fading out the need for a clicker, e.g. only click and treat for every 2 sits, then every 3, every 4 etc., then remove the clicker altogether and do the same with food. Then make it completely random as this keeps the dog guessing. Hope that helps

  18. I love all of your videos! I just wondered if you had a video that demonstrates how to progress from click and treat to verbal cue and treat to verbal cue alone? Once the behaviour is consistent, how do you stop clicking and treating and just ask for the behaviour? My clicker trainer says I will “just know”, but that is a little vague for me!

  19. dont use a shock collar on your dog, its not nice. just saying 🙂

  20. Shock collars ARE a cruel way to train your dog… The misconception is that they are not.

  21. it’s a shame that they are still permitted here in New Zealand.

  22. it’s a shame that they are still permitted here in New Zealand

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