Dog clicker training video.

Dog clicker training video

In this dog clicker training video from we cover how to teach your dog to fetch anything! Fetching is a fun game for all breeds of any size or age.


Fetch training is training a dog to fetch or pick up, on command, a dummy, bird, or if it’s my pup, a tennis ball. The purpose of this dog clicker training video is fetch training to accomplish the following goals:

When the dummy,bird or ball is in the dogs mouth, give your dog lots of reward with petting and praise. You are defining the behavior you want. It is that simple!


Some dogs get it simply from kicking the dummy with your foot and saying “fetch it up” playfully. Many more will get it from using a tennis ball. Roll the ball. When dog fetches and brings the ball to you, immediately reward dog with a short toss. We have all seen dogs learn on their own that bringing the ball to a human, produces a toss. All you need to do is associate a signal (command) with that behavior.


Delivery to Hand

Dog clicker training video

Dog clicker training video

The simplest solution to delivery to hand is to never let a pup get started dropping dummies. Many puppies are born with a tendency to deliver to hand, but are accidently trained at a young age to drop the dummy on they way to the handler.

There are several ways to get your dog to spit out that dummy to you.

Grab at the dummy as pup comes up to you. You will likely startle him and cause him to drop the dummy. Don’t just grab at the dummy. Crouch down and slip your hand under pup’s chin as he comes up. Help him hold the dummy in his mouth and stroke his head and praise him a couple of minutes as he holds the dummy. Then take it from him.  Don’t forget to praise him for this action.

Jump at pup as he is coming up and cause him to run from you. Puppies have an innate behavior to chase and be chased. Retreat from your dog a step or two as he comes up to you with the dummy. He should, naturally close the gap, and present you with the dummy.

The Dog clicker training video above will show you how to accomplish this.



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  1. do i introduce a command for this exercise and at which stage should i? thanks for your videos!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tutorial 🙂 I have a problem when training my husky this: whenever I have treats out and the clicker she I’d never interested in the object just the treats. What do you suggest I do about this?

  3. Love your videos! We also have a multiple dog household. How do you teach your other dogs to stay calm while you’re training with one of them? Do you have a video about that kind of training?

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  5. How do i get my 9 week old puppy to play with its toy it sounds stupid but its just not

  6. How do i get my 9 week old puppy to play with its toys inp its sounds stupid bi

  7. I think I’ve said it before but you are my no.1 fav YouTube trainer. Love you work!
    Question…my dog take the item in his mouth then immediately spits it out in order to get the treat. Even if I Mark when the item is in his mouth. How do I get him to hold it for longer? Maybe there’s a part two that covers that?

  8. Your dogs are cute

  9. 3:00 little doggy in the background seems to chill and enjoy the training view…

  10. OMG the coin! Amazing. But I was a little worried that he might swallow it. 🙂

  11. Hey Kikopup! I love all of your videos so thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world!
    I notice that you clicker train with multiple clicker-trained dogs in the same room… Does that ever mess up the click-reward consistency with dogs you’re not working with?
    I am guessing that most dogs can tell you are specifically working with them now. But have you ever worked with a dog that is so clicker obsessed that you had to change the cue or something?

  12. Does it effect other dogs when they see You training one of the dogs?:)

  13. My ACD is having trouble with this one, but your video might have solved it!! Thank you!

  14. Great video, but when I ask my dog to pick up an object from the floor he gets REALLY silly and throws it around, in the air, etc (cute but slightly annoying!). How would you encourage him to pick it up and hold it?

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