7 Ways To Cure Your Dog’s Housetraining Problem

Dog Training Video – Discover 7 housetraining secrets expert dog trainer Eric Letendre uses to cure tough housetraining issues. This informitive dog training video offers useful and easy to apply dog training tips. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at: www.amazingdogtrainingman.com

This video is a tutorial on how to teach your puppy or dog to be calm. Some dogs need help to learn how to relax. Calmness does not come naturally to some breeds .By reinforcing your dog for being calm, your dog will start to choose calmer behaviors in the future and actually enjoy being calm. Tips for teaching a Default Settle: Don’t drop treats if the dog looks up at your hand as you move to give the dog the treat, instead try again later. Don’t cue the dog “down”. It works better if the dog figures it out on his own and CHOOSES to lay down. Use high value treats like real meat or cheese for such a wonderful behavior. Visit our website: dogmantics.com Buy our new ebook: dogmantics.com Become a fan on facebook: www.facebook.com SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! We appreciate it: www.youtube.com
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  1. we have tried everything with our 9 mo. old lab, she is smart, can do lots of things- when SHE wants, we had a trainer come look at her with us… she is very dominate, we have made some progress, but she won’t let us when she needs to go out, if we leave her in kennel, she just barks for hours, We tried a bell, she chewed up the cord we hung it on. We take her out often, she goes, but will go again within the hour in the house as soon as we are not looking. What can we do?

  2. You really ARE amazing, thanks!

  3. Its still surprise me, how lot of people are not aware about Xobodog Training (do a search on google), despite the fact that lots of people solve their dog behavior problems with this training program. Thanks to my friend who told me about Xobodog Training, I’ve have a better relationship with my beloved pet.

  4. i tack my dog out than right win i tack him in he poops in the house

  5. how do i housebreak a 6-7 year old dog that has been outside all his life

  6. Hello I just received a 14 month old red nose pitbull female. She seems to be a very good dog but she is not house trained. Is it possible to house train her at this age?

  7. i love the bit here you say good doggg, my big ampt just raised his ears and wagged his tail 😀

  8. When my dogs ask to go out, I don’t ask them why they want to go out. I just let them go out. Sometimes they spend an entire day out in the kennel.

  9. The problem is the purpuse of the bell is not to go out its to ”potty” and if the dog knows bell means OUT hes going to ring it all the time ,unless how he said :just take it off when the dog is house trained, thats brilliant because I was wondering what people would do, now they dont have to constantly hear that BELL.LOL

  10. If the crate is small enough he will try his best not to ”potty” in it but puppies have very small bladers and can only hold it in for so long,rule of thumb is an hour for each month(one month=one hour,two months=two hours) so he will try not to so he wont get dirty but he cant hold it for too long,unless the crate is big and he can potty in one corner and lay down in the other ,thats why its important for the crate too be the perfect size,look up crate training.Hope that helps:-)

  11. I like your video. If I see my puppy peeing on my floor. And I say no loud. he stops and runs to the door. so I hope that is a good thing. I also have a crate that I leave him in when I leave. but when I come back. hes has peed in it. How do I get him to stop peeing in his crate?

  12. I don’t get the problem. So, the dog will ring when it wants to go out. You put it out.

  13. Thank you so much for posting all of your video’s I breed Golden Retrievers and I’m now getting a cocker spaniel these have helped many new puppy owners and now I’m going to use them again!

  14. Thanks. I never thought of that.Cool videos by the way.

  15. my dog is about 2 moths old and he waits till we are asleep and craps the floor. we are taking him out more than several times daily. he also constantly licks the ground. is the help for this?

  16. Thanks for your question. You can always take the bell off the door once your dog is housetrained. Good luck!

  17. Thanks for your question. You can always take the bell off the door once your dog is housetrained. Good luck!

  18. Thanks for your question. You can always take the bell off the door once your dog is housetrained. Good luck!

  19. Thanks for your question. You can always take the bell off the door once your dog is housetrained. Good luck!

  20. I watched a video, that said not to teach your dog to ring a bell when it needs to go to the toilet, because when it is older and doesn’t need to go to the toilet as much, it will still ring the bell because it means that somebody will come and take it outside. I seem to be stuck in the middle now to whether it’s a good idea or not. PLEASE respond as soon a possible.

  21. i just got my white gsd 5 days ago, she was neglected and is between 4-6 months, she is/was very nervous and skittish and would always pee indoors. I have been rubbing her belly while outside and try lifting her rear up and she goes pee, is it ok to do this? she is getting a lot more comfortable as she now lets me rub her belly

  22. plz answer wall my dog do is play when i take him out. how to make him do it

  23. Aww, baby Splash is so adorable!

  24. Do you have any suggestions for books to read on training techniques and behavior. I have a Weimaraner and use clicker training, I am always looking for new ideas to use to work on pulling or excitability. I like your techniques and have added some in. I have found corrections in other techniques have made my dogs more reactive on walks so know I am trying to work on getting them to make good decisions on their own and use their minds.

  25. Hello, I am also a dog trainer.

    One simple solution: After you came back inside, if he hasn’t gone to the bathroom, put him back in his cage for about fifteen minutes and then go back outside. Repeat this until he goes and then if he does, praise him lavishly.

  26. JackTheBordeCollie Reply January 17, 2013 at 2:24 am

    What breed of dog is splash? And can you check out my channel. I want to train my dog jack but he cant even learn to go potty outside. As soon as we take him out of the crate we bring him outside. He decides to eat dirt and then when we go inside he does his business on the carpets.

  27. great video. thank you.

  28. how effective is this with min pin? they are very active.
    also, thanks for all videos

  29. cuteness overload!

  30. I totally fell into the trap of my pup “looking away” but still expecting the treat, AND rewarding him even though he looked up. I feel like we sit there for half an hour and he’d never get a treat if I had to wait till he actually ignored it. But, we shall start from scratch. I NEED this behaviour from him, and he needs it to, especially before our baby comes in December!!! Thanks again, Emily!

  31. My dog is a smart boy. He learns every command in two or three repetitions and I totally adore him. Your videos helped me a lot, but we still have a problem. He argues with me. He knows what I want and he’s in a good mood, but just ARGUES! He snorts, squeals or whines to show his disagreement. And wouldn’t take the treat. 🙁

  32. Wait wait. If you are training the other dogs in front of Splash using a clicker, how does Splash knows that its not from him?

  33. @JC82393 You identified the issue in your first sentence. You can’t leave a young, social neing isolated in a yard all the time and not expect such behavior. Please, keep her indoors.

  34. I am going to start referring dominance based trainers to this video who don’t understand conditioning and why using treats doesn’t mean the dog only behaves in presense of food. Thanks for your great, easy to understand videos. I adopted a Dobe who has been through several homes and even put on Prozac because dominance training FAILED. She’s now doing awesome :)

  35. I have just got a new puppy, Maltese cross. We named him Oscar. Love you videos I am going to start the calming first as i don’t have a clicker yet.

  36. Oh Splash you are so so so cute!

  37. I feed my dog when ever i want to ps big fan

  38. Fantastic video, have been looking for something like this for ages for m 2 year old schipperke! And if anyone knows schips, they are HYPER :)) So this will be awesome 🙂

  39. I have a 4 month old Pit/Lab mix, and I always leave her in the backyard. When I take her inside the house she runs around the house, jumps on people and on all the couches…She is too energetic, and I hope this video works on calming her down in the house…

  40. Question if a dog doesn’t have any food drive, and is really toy motivated (but get highly excited when see a toy). What would be a good reward. I have been using chicken, hot dogs, cheese, but nope.

  41. Cairdeas FrenchBulldogs Reply January 17, 2013 at 9:01 am

    As I type this my 4 dogs are lying at my feet. I want to teach this as a default- the dogs are all EYES ON ME, they usually are but my question is….if I treat them now as they are looking at me is that them thinking about the food?? Cause I know you said not to treat when they are thinking of the food- or is that just top capture calmness/settle and not the lie down as a default? Sorry- slightly confused but still psyched as heck to be learning from ya! AND FOR FREE AT THAT!!!

  42. Great video and this is my second time through it. I have a question during the settle exercise. You have not given a settle command, should one be given? If not, how do you get the dog to settle under other circumstances (i.e. while on a walk)? Also, you don’t click for the desired behavior or even say “good,” what is the reason for this? How do you know when to click to reinforce (mark) a behavior as opposed to when not to? Thanks so much, your videos are amazingly helpful to me!

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