Pitbull Training -Your Dog Is Smarter Than You Think!

 Pitbull Training

Pitbull Training
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Many people worry that taking a dominant role in Pitbull training will affect their friendly and loving relationship. You will enjoy the time you spend with your pet while training them using the tips in this article. Knowledge is the key, and a good education on dog training is the perfect place to start.

Do not become angry with your dog if it does not respond appropriately during Pitbull training. Remember that in a teacher/student relationship, the student is only as good as the teacher.

Put yourself in the dog’s situation. Sometimes, Pitbull training will get frustrating, but you will need to have patience. Instead of giving up entirely, you might consider trying to put yourself in your dog’s mindset. This could help you overcome training hurdles.

You should do some research on the grooming of the dog breed you chose. There are breeds that are very low maintenance, while others may require weekly grooming sessions. This will keep your dog fresh and reduce the chance of illness.

The best way to train a dog is by using positive reinforcement. Praise your dog when he deserves it, and give him treats to show that you are pleased. Do not shout or strike the dog. Not only are those things ineffective, but they are also cruel. Stay consistent and use positive reinforcement.

When giving commands to your body, your tone and volume level should remain the same. Using a even, official tone will let your dog know you are serious. Doing this also ensures that your dog will know the difference between your “you’re in trouble” voice and your “do as I say” voice.

Do the proper research to determine whether your dog’s breed fits in your training routine. Some dogs don’t learn as quickly as others, or they can be stubborn. Some breeds, like bulldogs or basset hounds, require lots of patience and extra attention during training.

Timing is essential when you are Pitbull training, so you want to spend enough time training them but do not want go overboard. Begin with a short session training and increase the time daily. You can figure out when your dog isn’t paying attention during Pitbull training.

When training a pet, it’s best to start out by giving them a treat every time they do what you want them to. Eventually, you can limit the number of treats you give for good behavior.

When approaching a dog you’ve never met, approach them slowly and offer them the back of a hand to smell. As you do this, you give the dog an opportunity to acclimate to your scent and become used to your presence. After your dog gets your scent, it will no longer fear you and will follow commands better.

Rewarding your dog generously and properly is essential in pitbull training. You should immediately reward your dog when they follow your command. A dog doesn’t always know when it’s being rewarded if they don’t get a treat at the proper time.

It might be hard, but you must be patient when it comes to your dog. Your dog cannot speak or understand English, and does not have the cognizance of a human. They can simply notice your gestures, movements and tone, and lack awareness of your motives. Stay calm and take frequent breaks to prevent frustration.

Some dogs bark when they’re bored. When your dog does this, you have to accept some of the blame on yourself. You must provide enough stimulation to keep your dog engaged both mentally and physically. Give him some quality time and go on walks and play around a little. During the times that you can’t do these things, make sure you dogs have some chew toys to distract themselves.


When house training your new puppy, accidents are likely to happen from time to time. Clean accidents as quickly as you can. Smells from urine and feces can linger in a carpet and attract your pet to return to the same spot for elimination. Many cleaning products are made just to eliminate this odor.

This is the first step in learning how to train your dog properly. Use these tips and you can be not only train your dogs better, but you will better be able to understand them. This simple advice can take you a long way.


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