What is clicker training for dogs?

What is clicker training for dogs?


So What is clicker training for dogs? What the dog trainers are calling clicker training is an application of behavior analysis that was initially invented and developed more than thirty years ago, by Keller Breland, Marian Breland Bailey, and Bob Bailey.

It first reached widespread use in the training of marine mammals, which is where I learned it myself. Although the marine mammal trainers use a whistle, not a clicker, their training relied on the same principles and is really exactly the same as what people are now calling clicker training.

What is clicker training for dogs?

What is clicker training for dogs?

Somehow, however, the technology did not transfer from marine mammal trainers to the general public: perhaps because of the focus of the trainers themselves, and perhaps simply because not very many people need to train dolphins!

So,  What is clicker training for dogs? Clicker training differs in a number of ways from standard or traditional dog training, and from lab training as well.

First, although we often use food as a primary reinforcer, we use no deprivation of food. It is simply not necessary.

Second, we use no punishment within the shaping. While reprimands might still occur during daily life, we omit punishment and avoid negative reinforcement as much as possible as an instructional tool.

Third, the sessions are very brief, perhaps just a few minutes: no drill, no long repetitions; make progress, and move on.

Also, we incorporate a LOT of variety: variations in the training, in the tasks, in the reinforcements used, and so on.

This is what Clicker training for dogs is!







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