Teach STAY the Best and Fastest way!

The best way to teach stay.

The BEST and FASTEST way to teach STAY

This way of training the stay incorporates many wonderful concepts into the training process: 1-By click as distractions happen you are using classical conditioning to change your dog’s emotional response to being calm and relaxed around those distractions. Lowering a dogs stress levels when asked to stay, which in turn will make the behavior more reliable. The distractions become conditioned secondary reinforcers. 2- By teaching the release cue first, you are using ‘back chaining’ by working on the end of the behavior of the stay first. Back chaining creates strong behaviors. 3- You are using the Premack Principle: the higher probability behavior predicts a lower probability behavior. Staying predicts getting up and getting to do what the dog wanted to do. Meaning the behavior will be stronger. 4- By clicking the release as a behavior it becomes a secondary reinforcer. So every time you release your dog from a stay, you are actually rewarding him for staying. Visit our website: dogmantics.com Buy our new ebook: dogmantics.com Become a fan on facebook: www.facebook.com SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! We appreciate it: www.youtube.com

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  1. check out tab289 He’s got some pretty good videos on this as well and goes through a little slower

  2. This is a little overwhelming;( I’d love to have this broken down verrrrry verrrrry slowly for first-time dog owners like me.

  3. My dog is a border colie like splash, and she can go down but as soon as she see’s a treat she sits. She also seems to be obsessed with the treat and allways try to get it. Then when she has it down she’ll just stop or forget in 5 minutes

  4. i’ve now subscribed 2 u r channel u r very informative,and if u do,would love a dvd from 12 week old pups onward’s.thank u 4 taking the time to make such an informative vid clip,We r getting a pup 2moz and already have one 2 year old,I will try and post clips myself showing from day of bringing home meeting our other dog onwards and would love u and others showing or telling me the rights and wrongs i do or advice people can give.there is a true saying” every day is a school day”well done x

  5. Just about every pet store sells them. Or Amazon.com.

  6. where exactly would you buy the clicker 🙂

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  8. @Kikopup hi i love ur videos but i have a question.. Am i allowed to teach this before any sit down or up? Or just afterwards? Thank you ^^

  9. hello recently ive become a addict to your channel. Could you make a video of the hand gestures you use for your commands? i would appreciate it.

  10. Very awesome. I am working on this with my dogs.

  11. what type of dog is this

  12. I would love to get more tips on what to do when the dog doesn’t do what you want

  13. Actually, a formal statement of the Premack principle is as follows: “High-probability behaviors (those performed frequently under conditions of free choice) can be used to reinforce low-probability behaviors.” The training application uses a behavior highly desirable to a dog that may be acceptable, as a reward for performing a behavior desired by the handler whenever requested. The behaviors don’t have to be opposites or rationally related, though trainers often select them to be so.

  14. lol @ “loose roaming children”

  15. And What’s on ur right hand?

  16. what r u feeding the Dog?

  17. this is a great way to teach the stay! i’ve never thought about training it like this! thank you!!

  18. Amazing video, thanks so much! We’ve taught our border collie puppy sit/down/stand and stay already, but didn’t realise how important the release cue was and how much proofing we still have to do!

  19. I’ve never been able to get the “foot plant” behavior with my dogs. I have large dogs and I think they dan’t do this the same way.

  20. Is this training the same as teaching the dog to sit,stand, or lay down? Or are they separate

  21. Hey thanks for this video!

  22. how on earth can people dislike this video O.o Ceasar Milan-fanboys?

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