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Dog Training – Jan 2009
dog training

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Dogs can easily make their way into your heart. If you are a new pet owner or are considering adopting a new family member, you’re in for a real treat! Having proper training with your dog is crucial if you want to have a good relationship with them. Your pet will then know what to expect, and you’ll be confident in them whether you’re home or not. Keep reading to find out how to train your dog right.

Chewing is a very bad behavior for a dog to have. Effective training will help protect not only your property but also may save your dog’s life. Keep items which may be tempting away from your dog, in order to prevent problems before they start. You might also try spraying “bitter” pet deterrent sprays on valuables that can’t be moved.

During leash training, it is necessary to ensure that the leash stays loose. When they’re on a walk, they are anxious to check things out. Their eagerness will cause the leash to be strained. The savvy owner will discourage this behavior, instead encouraging his or her pet to walk with some slack in the leash.

Have a treat ready to reward your dog after it properly completes a task you ask it to do. It is important that your dog is able to establish a connection between the command and the action that gains a reward. This will teach your dog what behavior is correct and expected.

Make sure that you expand your dogs knowledge as much as you can. Toys that encourage your dog to exercise his problem-solving skills are one way to provide mental stimulation. Find one which fits his size and ability level to ensure he enjoys it.

Never use a tight leash to walk your dog. Doing this can encourage your dog to pull inappropriately. You do not want your dog to have this response. Try to keep the leash at a comfortable and relaxed length.

Start your training sessions with a treat for each successful command. After awhile, you should begin to taper off on the treats and switch to praise as the most commonly used reward.

Consistency is king when it comes to dog training. This applies to words used as commands, your tone and the rewards you use. If you find something that works, stick with it.

It’s important to avoid inadvertently encouraging inappropriate behavior if you want your dog to learn. This means that you should never reward your dog, with treats or attention, for doing something you’re trying to train it out of. For instance, do not rub its head when it comes and jumps at you when you get home when you do not want your dog to do this.

Are you providing your dog with high quality, nutritional food? Like kids, dogs can get really hyperactive and unable to focus when their nutrition is not up to spec. Your dog’s diet should be adapted to its species and its age so your dog is full of energy. Talk to your dog’s vet to make sure there aren’t any other issues.

Some dogs can get so frightened during a thunderstorm that they can actually harm themselves. Talk with your veterinarian if your pet is extremely afraid of thunder. Your veterinarian may recommend and prescribe a mild sedative to give to your dog before a storm rolls in. This is the last thing that you could in order to change his behavior, and it could be beneficial when it comes to the dog’s life.

With any luck, you have gleaned some information that will really help you bond with your pet. Use the tips that suit your situation best. As time progresses, you will develop a love for your faithful friend. Training is the way to have success. Train your pet well. A successfully trained dog makes for a better relationship for both owner and dog.

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