Shiney Learns the “Come” Command (Puppy Training Week 2)

Week 2 Puppy Training How to Introduce the Come Command. Leah Spitzer was a dog trainer for 30 years before becoming disabled. Now, with her new rescue puppy, Shiney, Leah is sharing her techniques for puppy training. for more training videos or puppy antics, please see my youtube channel at Please feel free to use the comment section to ask questions.
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Shiney Learns to Watch Me (Pay Attention) Week 2 Puppy training

Watch is a very useful command – it can pull your pup off distractions, build your bond and trust, and more. Stay tuned at the end for a demo of the finished product. Leah Spitzer is a retired dog trainer sharing her knowledge as she trains her new rescue puppy, Shiney. For more training videos (and puppy antics), check my youtube channel at Please feel free to ask questions in the comments area.
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