Poodle tricks: Monopoly, wine bottles and other cute dog tricks with Chico the poodle mix

Did you ever see a dog take care of the money when you are playing Monopoly? And what trick can you teach a dog with three bottles of wine? You’ll find out in this video! Chico is performing a selection of his favorite dog tricks just for you! To see several other cute dog tricks by Chico, the poodle mix, visit our channel! And to stay up to date with Chico’s latest videos, don’t forget to subscribe! Who is Chico? Chico is a old stray dog (poodle mix) we adopted in a shelter a few months ago. In such a short time, he managed to learn no less than about 30 tricks. Chico may be an old mutt, but he is so smart, and we are so proud of him! Way to go, Chico!
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Lucy B. practices an obedience pattern with me in the Canine College. She is a rescued 1.1 year old Border Collie mix in her first Board and Train.
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