Honey the Great Dane

Honey the Great Dane

Watch Honey the Great Dane in this video about Clicker Training.

Honey the Great Dane

Great Dane

www.bighoneydog.com / Honey the Great Dane explains what clicker training is all about and how to get started in this great method of training which uses positive reinforcement, marker signals and rewards, to get a dog keen & focused, and happy & willing to offer good behaviours to you. Part 1: Getting started Part 2: Teaching tricks Part 3: More Obedience & useful daily commands (eg. ‘on your bed’)
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Nova Science Now : How Smart Are Dogs?

Meet an extraordinary Border collie and other dogs that are changing our view of canine intelligence. Aired February 9, 2011 on PBS. New discoveries are revealing that “man’s best friend” is smarter than we ever thought, with a brain that resembles our own in ways we never imagined. Travel to Wolf Park, where scientists are tracing the evolutionary path that turned wild animals into our cuddly companions, and meet a superdog with a vocabulary of over 1000 words. This brilliant border collie understands 1022 nouns
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. Great video series!

    What I find really refreshing is the way you communicate, not only with Honey, but in demonstrating what you are doing, while also making it very clear that all dogs are different, and will work at a different paces, but also emphasizing that consistency with calm and patience while practising all this repetition is crucial.

  2. When you always treat your dog like that… how do you prevent him from being to fixed on your hand and always kind of charging at your hand?

  3. Please help I found a great dane it looks just like honey my husband named him duke I love him already but he is very hiper and jumps on me and that hurts me I’m all bruse up in my arms how can I teach him not to do that? Also I finally found a food he would eat I literally bought like 8 different kinds of food and he would not eat it then I gave him gravy train and he loves it but how much and how many time should I feed him don’t know nothing of great Danes I only have small dogs first time h

  4. Bighoneydog Honey-GreatDane Reply January 27, 2013 at 11:25 am

    And just because your dog knows 25 tricks isn’t proof that he understands English – he just knows 25 diff things to do when he hears 25 diff sounds come out of your mouth. You could have trained those same tricks with just hand/body signals too. Learning what a sound is associated with is not the same as understanding a language. It’s like dogs can be trained to sit at a bell ringing – that’s just a sound too.

  5. Bighoneydog Honey-GreatDane Reply January 27, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    That’s the whole point!! You TEACH your dog what the sound “sit” means – he’s not born knowing that. He attaches an action to that sound by association and because he gets rewarded for doing it (putting bum on the floor). A Japanese dog won’t sit if you say “Sit” nor an Indian or Norwegian dog – dogs don’t know English – they just learn the sound for whatever “sit” is in their owners language. You could say “monkey” – and if that’s the sound you trained the dog to sit, he’ll sit.

  6. i dont know…she said that dogs dont know english…i beg to differ. if i tell my dog to sit then he sits and my dog knows roughly 20-25 different tricks

  7. Pigs are actually as smart as dogs so it shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

  8. Honey is sooo beautiful! I love every deutsche dogge! 😀

  9. Maybe you training with you dog too long. More effective is working in short period of time. You get better results by 3 x 5 min than constant work for 30 min. So if I were you I try to shorten actually work time and end exercise while dog is still interested in this type of play. 🙂

  10. When I am “Charging the Clicker” i do so many times, but at the end my dog just won’t react to the clicker sound, what do i do?

  11. I need a clicker cuz my voice clearly doesn’t work lolol Going to get one ASAP cuz my voice tends to be confusing to him smh…getting to the point he looks at me like “wtf ever” & continue to do whatever Im trying to stop him doing. Getting very frustrated now

  12. does anything that makes a clicking noise work?

  13. wow your dog is adorable!!!!!!! what a pretty little lady

  14. you can train pigs?

  15. What a good trainer!

  16. SchleichLover182011 Reply January 27, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    can snapping replace a clicker? :)

  17. I am so glad I found your videos!!! I’ve had my 16wk Great Dane for a week now and training wasn’t going so smoothly. I just started this today but so far she has picked up on this right away! It’s like a whole new dog in just a few hours, I’m sure I should have waited to post this til after a wk or more but I’ve seen amazing results in just a short time. Now while I don’t have the “clicker” a pop lid is having to work for the time being.

  18. holy fuck that dogs big

  19. i wanna give that dog millions of thumbs up coz of the drool 😀 i find it very cute 😀

  20. is it easier to train a dog if you feed them on a schedule? I free feed my dog and i feel like sometimes the treats doesn’t spark his interest enough to perform. Is this a misunderstanding or am I not using the right treat? The reason why I free feed is because I was told that if you free feed your dog, he/she is less likely to overeat because the food source is always there. I have a small toy breed, he’s almost 7 yrs old and is very healthy and lean.

  21. Am I the only one distracted by doggy slobber??? 😛

  22. @vickyboy96 ya I agree my tadte buds would be deprived good point

  23. I love Neil DeGrasse Tyson

  24. Dogs have played a major role in shaping a human’s life. Without dogs, humans will be different than we are today.

  25. border collies are the best and smartest dog breed ever!

  26. Very active dogs…but the perfect size right?

  27. check out some of the amazingly smart dogs on our Talent Hounds Channel.

  28. Process of elimination

  29. check and mate


  30. AND!……. the human thinks he is the only intelligent being. GO GO GO RISE THE DOGGY REBELLION AND TAKE CONTROL OVER HUMANS. ps. and don’t forget teach him to do tricks. XD

  31. hey science expert, why do you say “but when we test animals”, you do know humans are animals right?

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