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Dog Training – Jan 2009
dog training

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Cleanliness of the home is important to many, and keeping your dog trained correctly is key to keeping your home clean. However, there are many people who lack the knowledge to train their dog properly. This is achieved by learning all you can about training your dog. The tips in the article below can help you with dog training.

If you have a dog, you might believe that training is impossible. It can be easy when you know what to do and you take the time to do it every day.

Your dog’s brain must be exercised as well. For dogs that constantly chew, puzzle toys for canines can build their problem-solving skills and appeal to their nature. There are various kinds of puzzle toys to pick that can appeal to your dog’s unique strengths.

Since they are pack animals, dogs crave firm, respectful leadership. Some pets are naturally alphas, but any dog can learn submission. It is your job to be the alpha. The primary reasons are that it will help him feel secure and he will listen to you.

It may be difficult, but you should always exercise patience around your dog. Your dog cannot speak or understand English, and does not have the cognizance of a human. He will pick up physical gestures, and this is how he will learn from you. Remain calm and take several breaks if you’re getting frustrated often during the training session.

Praise your dog often so that they look forward to training sessions. Smile, get excited and provide them with treats to help them relate proper behavior with positive reinforcement. Be careful that you do not inadvertently reward unwanted behavior or your dog will think you want him to repeat it.

Among the most frustrating dog behaviors is chewing. You can make sure your pet ins healthy and you keep your belongings if you find out they like to chew and put a stop to it. To help prevent chewing, keep tempting items away from your dog. There are sprays that will deter your pet from chewing on specific items.

Do some research on your dog’s breed to make sure you are using the best training methods possible. Some breeds will learn and remember things more quickly than others. Bulldogs and basset hounds can be difficult to train and require quite a bit of patience.

One of the most important things in training is teaching your dog to come back to you. Regardless of what is happening, your dog must learn to come back to you when he is called. Teach your dog to come, even when there are distractions. Knowing this command might save the life of your dog one day, so make sure that he follows it every time.

Use the same command for the behavior you want him to demonstrate. Say your dog’s name, followed by the command. Secure the dog’s attention and then state what you wish him to do. Dogs tend to respond by name right away and they know that you want their attention.

Spoken directions should be made using a simple, concise and forceful tone. Never ramble on about the dog’s failures. Simply say no and direct them to what you want them to do instead. Let your dog know that if you raise your voice they need to pay attention.

This information has given you a much better understanding of dog training in the home. Look for ways that you can extend training lessons to apply to behaviors both indoors and outdoors. As you explore these ideas, you will be closer and closer to having an obedient pet.

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